New Collection: Sightlines

The new collection is here! Here are some favorite photos from the "Sightlines" lookbook. I especially fell in love with the square Sapphires, which you may have noticed already in my Instagram feed. Enjoy!

Rebecca Mir Grady Sapphire and Turquoise 14k Gold Rings

My fourth collection (yay!) melds Turquoise, Opals, and Sapphires with 14k Gold and Sterling Silver. The new pieces are inspired by the famed Mavericks and Cloudbreak waves, as well as the rugged peaks of Annapurna. Sightlines also introduces new tabletop accessories: tiny hand-forged dishes in Sterling Silver and Brass. Many thanks to the lovely Raquel Ladensack for modeling! I always have fun photographing new pretty things! I picked out a few of my favorite shots to share here, but you can see the rest of the collection at

Rebecca Mir Grady Sterling Silver and Brass Hand-forged dishes
Rebecca Mir Grady Double Cloudbreak earrings and Crystal necklaces
Rebecca Mir Grady Annapurna 14k Gold and Silver rings
Rebecca Mir Grady Gold Crystal necklace
Rebecca Mir Grady Markham and McLeod 14k Gold rings